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Middle East AI News is your top source for news and insight on how artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies are transforming the Middle East, including the key markets of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Written by Dubai-based tech marketing consultant Carrington Malin, who has been advising global firms, new tech ventures and government’s on Middle East ICT markets for decades. You’ll find Middle East AI News an invaluable source of AI news, industry trends, policy updates, investment deals and analysis.

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Weekly news digest

The weekly newsletter gives you a highly scannable news digest of emerging tech news from across the Middle East and North Africa

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In-depth features

You’ll also find Middle East AI News to be an invaluable source of insight and analysis on the development of tech-driven industry sectors, new tech ventures, AI-related R&D, key digital government initiatives, changing digital regulations, and new public and private sector trials of new technologies.

Here are some example in-depth articles:

All in-depth articles also have an audio version, should you prefer to listen v. read.

Daily News Minute

The Middle East AI News Minute gives you a daily one-minute daily briefing on the top two or three AI-related stories coming out of the Middle East. If you are a busy technology, business or government leader who want to get a quick snapshot of the day's news, then this is the podcast for you.

What sectors are covered?

Middle East AI News covers the digital, technology and communications sectors that are developing AI and other emerging tech, plus the other industry sectors that are reliant on or being accelerated by new digital technologies.

For example, you’ll read about:

  • Automation

  • Defence (AI and unmanned systems)

  • Digital regulation and policy

  • Driverless vehicles

  • Drones and aerial robotics

  • Education and skills

  • Electric vehicles

  • Industry 4.0 and 4IR

  • Metaverse & Web3

  • National AI strategies

  • Startups and scaleups

  • Urban mobility

  • Venture capital and funding


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Is it free?

Yes, it’s free! All subscriptions to Middle East AI News are currently free for life (this includes the weekly news digest and in-depth articles, but not future paid-for products). The subscription model will change in the future to include paid and free, however if you sign up now, your own subscription will remain free.

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Carrington Malin

I am a UAE-based marketer, consultant and entrepreneur who has worked in technology, media and telecoms sectors for the past 30 years. I help tech firms position themselves for success and develop strategies for the Middle East and North Africa.