Sep 17 • 2M

Middle East AI News Minute - 17-Sep-23

A two-minute Sunday explainer

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Carrington Malin
The Middle East AI News Minute gives you a daily one-minute daily briefing on the top two or three AI-related stories coming out of the Middle East. If you are a busy technology, business or government leader who want to get a quick snapshot of the day's news, then this is the podcast for you.
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17-Sep-23 - Middle East AI News Minute - brought to you by Carrington Malin - Marketing for an AI First World. In this podcast: Saudi Arabia's new Personal Data Protection Law - Here's your two-minute Sunday explainer!

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Note: this is an experimental podcast using a clone of my voice created by AI. Unfortunately, the voice clone is prone to some errors, including mispronunciations of some Arabic words and place names. However, I’m working to improve this!